San Antonio Reunion 1996

The crew visits The Alamo

By The Reverend Bill Glidewell, ex-EN2, USN

If you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you about the reunion of the Lansing crew in San Antonio, Texas in October my way. It is said of Southern preachers that when they break loose at a "table grace", they can pray a whole bowl of mashed potatoes cold. I’ll try to be a bit more restrained in this report.

From the first moment the crew members began to assemble, we knew that this was to be a memorable event. Those who recognized others whispered their names to those who had forgotten. It didn’t take long, however, until names, faces and events were refreshed and everything else forgotten. One fellow said that memories went through the whole bunch faster than a sneeze through a crocheted handkerchief. That we did not all serve aboard at the same time was of little consequence. Terry Moberg had planned and promoted the meeting well and had the ship’s bell, wheel, builder’s plaque and flags on display. Tables of old photos, cartoons, and other memorabilia were on display from those attending. It was exciting to see the photos and to remember that we were young once and sailors.

Crewmen from the time when the ship was a Coast Guard Cutter were on hand and presented a very detailed and interesting slide program of ports of call, persons, and events when they served aboard. The trip to the Admiral Nimitz museum was a stroke of genius and an excellent opportunity for us all to tell what we could remember and maybe even make up a little bit. The barbecue dinner at the Longhorn Ranch was a delight. We got to hear a good western group sing old songs, watch a Longhorn steer count, kneel and answer to commands and Dave Michel be drafted to go up on the platform to sing.

The breakfast on the final morning was a bit subdued as it would be our last time together this year. However, it was also a promise to meet again in San Diego. The memorial service was fitting to the occasion; not because so many were deceased but because they had served their country and the crew that served with them, well.

As we say in the South, "Set yer mind on it and we’ll see y’awl in San Diego, Calif., next October."


Extracted from the USS / USCGC Lansing news letter ‘Lansing Vigilance’ Volume 1, Issue 1 December 1996