(Excerpted from actual deck logs obtained from National Archives, Washington DC)

(Italicized entries are added by editor)



11-10-43      1400       Commissioning ceremonies were held on board this vessel.  The Supervisor of

                                    Shipbuilding, U.S. Navy, Houston, Texas, acting as the representative of the

                                    Commandant, EIGHTH Naval District, received the ship from Brown Shipbuilding

                                    Company, Houston, Texas and delivered the ship to the Commanding Officer Lieutenant

                                    Commander Simon R. SANDS, U.S. Coast Guard.

                     1405       The commissioning pennant was hoisted and flown from the foremast.

                     1410       The Commanding Officer read his orders assuming command, Commandant, Coast Guard

                                    Ltr CG-71-531, under date of 15 October 1943.

                     1420       Commissioning representatives of the Commandant, EIGHTH Naval District and

                                    contractor departed from the ship.

11-12-43      1430       Commenced taking fuel aboard.

                     1700       Completed fueling, having taken aboard 38,000 gallons of fuel oil.

11-13-43      0750       Tested general alarm.  Found unsatisfactory.  Repairs being made.

                     0935       Commenced loading ammunition from San Jancinto Ordnance Depot as per allowance


                     1255       General alarm in working order.

                     1305       Chemical alarm tested.  Found to be in working order.

                     2035       Secured from taking aboard ammunition.

11-26-43      1030       Commanding Officer made inspection of ship.  Satisfactory, with minor deficiencies.

                     1045       Received from Dellanena Candy Company, Galveston, Texas, 60 boxes of

                                    candy bars and 2 cartons of Durham tobacco.

11-29-43                     Underway enroute to Key West FL   (Note:  underway time not listed in log)

12-1-43        0440       Made radar contact bearing 1200 (T) distance 43000 yards.

                     0525       Sounded General Quarters, steered various courses to intercept target vessel

                     0551       Challenged vessel, reply satisfactory – resumed course and secured from

                                    General Quarters.

                     1315       Held steering gear casualty drill.

                     1330       Secured from steering gear casualty drill.

                     1358       Dry Tortugas Light abeam to port, distance Six (6) miles.

                     1525       Twenty-eight foot Shoal Lighted Buoy abeam to port, distance two and one-

                                    half (2 ˝) miles.

                     1652       Sand Key Light abeam to port.

                     1700       Key West Entrance Buoy abeam.

                     1749       Moored alongside USS Alden (DD-211) at Pier “B”, Key West, Florida

                     1900       Received signal flags on Navy Invoice #151724-44.

12-2-43        0717       Underway in channel to shift mooring

                     0755       Moored starboard side to Pier “B”, Key West, Florida

                     1700       DOOR, W.T. S1c, severely cut palm of left hand at base of thumb, while using razor

                                    blade.  Treated by HATCH, W.T. PhM3c, and taken to Base Hospital, Naval Operating

                                    Base, Key West Florida, for examination.  No treatment at Base Hospital.

12-3-43        0000       Moored north side Pier #1, Naval Operating Base, Key West, Florida

12-4-43        2009       Underway enroute Bermuda, British West Indies

12-5-43        0250       Navy Patrol blimp overhead, departed on course 1100T

                     0730       Exchanged recognition signals with convoy.

                     0815       Gun Key Light bearing 0700 (T), distant twelve (12) miles.

                     0950       All hands to quarters.  Talk by Captain.

                     1015       Challenged vessel bearing 3200 rel.  Identified as PC-1174.

                     1622       Sighted Matanilla Lighted Whistle Buoy bearing 1550, distance 9 miles

                     1943       Sighted white flare on port bow, distant approximately 2 miles

                     1945       Investigated area fully by sight and radar without result.  Flare believed to have been

                                    a meteorite

12-7-43        1255       Sighted vessel bearing 0600T distance 3-1/2 miles

                     1259       Changed course and challenged vessel receiving correct reply

12-8-43        0115       Challenged unidentified allied war vessel, reply satisfactory

                     0700       Exchanged recognition signals and calls with aircraft carrier USS CROATON (CVE-25)

                                    and its escort

            0815       Sighted Mount Hill Lighthouse bearing 255, distance approximately 10 miles.

            0910       Stopped both engines, drifting, awaiting Pilot.

            1111       St. George Entrance lighted buoy Number 4 abeam to port.

                     1241       Moored starboard side to USS DARBY (DE-218), which is moored

                                    starboard to USS HAMUL (AD-20) in Great Sound Bay, Bermuda, British West Indies

                     1300       Vessel undergoing informal inspection by members of the staff of

                                    Commander Task Group 23.1, DE Shakedown Group.

                     1830       Gun crews attended motion picture aboard USS HAMUL (AD-20) for

                                    instruction in hedge-hog loading and firing.

12-9-43        0637       Underway maneuvering to moor alongside USS HAMUL (AD-20) upon departure of

                                    USS DARBY (DE-218)

                     0657       Moored alongside USS HAMUL (AD-20)

                     1601       Held fire drill for inspecting officer, DE Shakedown Group

                     1602       First fire hose at scene of fire

                     1603       All fire fighting equipment at scene of fire

                     1605       Secured from fire drill.

                     1650       Gun crews returned from Anti-Aircraft Training Center, N.O.B., Bermuda

                     1820       Damage Control Party departed to USS HAMUL (AD-20) for damage control

                                    training films.

12-10-43      0700       Underway enroute for training with submarines

                     0850       Called all hands to Battle Stations.

                     0915       Secured from Battle Stations

                     0955       Exercising with submarine R-1  (SS-78)

                     1710       Moored to starboard side of USS ALGER (DE-101) at anchorage E-5, Great

                                    Sound Bay, Bermuda, British West Indies

12-11-43      0500       Called all hands to tend mooring lines because of storm

                     0540       Set war cruising watch

                     0725       Underway standing out to sea.  Port anchor fouled in rigging and boat davits

                                    of USS ALGER (DE-101) because of violent winds setting us down while unmooring.

                     0900       Proceeding to sea in company with USS GEORGE (DE-697) and

                                    USS SAMUEL S MILES (DE-183).

                     0903       All hands to Battle Stations.

                     1330       Carried out recognition drill with ships in company

                     1615       North swept channel buoy abeam to starboard, distance about 5 miles

                     1626       Entered the narrows, St. George, Bermuda.

                     1700       Anchored in Murray’s Anchorage

12-12-43      0725       Commenced heaving around

                     0741       Anchor aweigh, underway enroute to Great Sound Bay, Bermuda, British West Indies

                     0905       Moored to USS GEORGE (DE-697) at mooring buoy E-5, Great Sound Bay, Bermuda,

                                    British West Indies

12-13-43      0650       Underway, standing out of Great Sound Bay

                     0850       All hands to Battle Stations.

                     0910       Forming in column with ten DE’s to hold screening and fueling at sea exercises upon

                                    contacting tanker USS MATTAPONI (AO-41)

                     0915       Secured from Battle Stations.

12-14-43      0046       Increased speed to full ahead

                     0047       Engines #3 and #4 taken off line due to overheating

                     0101       Main engines #3 and #4 restored to line, speed full ahead.

                     0905       Alongside port side of USS MATTAPONI (AO-41) for fueling at sea exercise

                     1300       Joined USS CALCATTERA (DE-390) for torpedo exercises

                     1442       Complete torpedo exercises and took up position 700 yards astern of

                                    USS CALCATTERA (DE-390)

                     1820       Anchored in Murray’s Anchorage, The Narrows, St Georges, Bermuda

12-15-43      0732       Underway in column 700 yards behind USS CALCATTERA (DE-390) for

                                    training and exercises

                     1007       Commenced gunnery exercises making runs on USS CALCATTERA (DE-390).

                     1119       Completed exercises, acting as target vessel for USS CALCATTERA (DE-390)

                     1323       Called all hands to Battle Stations making training runs on DE-390.

                     1405       Secured from Battle Stations

                     1625       North swept channel buy abeam to starboard entering St. Georges, Bermuda.

                     1740       Entered Don Donald channel

                     1823       Moored mooring buoy D-4, St Georges, Great Sound Bay, Bermuda

12-16-43      0705       Unmoored, underway standing out of Great Sound Bay

                     0735       Don Donald Channel Entrance Spar Buoys abeam

                     0740       Vessel aground south of Tide Gauge off Spanish Point, 100 yards north of lighted buoy 29

                     0742       Reported grounding to Commander DE Shakedown Group by T.B.S., commenced taking

                                    soundings to determine extent of grounding – on the port bow aft to frame 49; on the

                                    starboard bow aft to frame 12

                     0745       Commenced moving 3”/50 Cal. ammunition from forward magazines to after magazines.

                                    Inspection of all compartments completed, no flooding or leaks found

                     0820       Tug YT-274 (USS POKAGON) passed towing hawser to stern and commenced pulling the

                                    stern up into the wind

                     0828       All engines backing, increasing to full speed

                     0834       Vessel backed off coral reef

                     0840       Cast off tug, underway proceeding to Great Sound

                     0943       Moored to Buoy D-4 in Great Sound, Bermuda, BWI

                     1500       Engaged in flag hoist drill with USS ATTAIR (Ed. - log error, ship should be

                                    USS ALTAIR (AD-11)

12-17-43      1027       Underway to R.D.F. Anchorage, Great Sound, for calibration.

                     1045       Anchored in 33 feet water to 30 fathom chain.

                     1050       Commenced R.D.F. calibration

                     1210       R.D.F. calibration completed

                     1225       Underway to mooring D-4, Great Sound, Bermuda

                     1245       Moored alongside USS Falgout (DE-324) at buoy D-4, Great Sound, Bermuda, BWI

                     1500       Held flag hoist drill with the ATTAIR (Ed. - log error, ship should be

                                    USS ALTAIR (AD-11)

                     1550       Boarding and Salvage Party from this vessel boarded USS FALGOUT (DE-324) and was

                                    inspected by its First Lieutenant.

                     1610       Boarding Party returned.  Held boat drill

                     1615       Signal drill secured.

                     1645       Boat drills secured.

12-18-43      0705       Underway for anti-submarine exercises.

                     0953       Submarine R-1 (SS-78) submerged

                     0955       Various courses and speeds tracking R-1 (SS-78) on practice depth charge runs.

                     1405       Submarine R-1 (SS-78) surfaced.

                     1615       Man overboard from USS RIDDLE (DE-185)

                     1619       HATCH, W.T., GM1c, overboard to assist in rescue

                     1627       DOOR, W.T.,BM1c, overboard to assist in rescue

                     1627       PUMP, F.W. USNR aboard.  Treated for exposure and exhaustion

                     1718       Moored alongside USS FALGOUT (DE-324) at Buoy D-4, Great Sound Bay, Bermuda

12-19-43      0902       Lieutenant (jg) Sikes and Ensign Roberts came aboard from USS HAMUL (AD-20) to

                                    make damage control inspection as to closure and condition Baker and Able.

                     0918       All hands to Battle Stations.

                     0945       Secured from Battle Stations.

                     1246       Ship’s boat departed with Lieutenant (jg) HATCH, W.T., soundmen and quartermasters to

                                    report us USS HAMUL (AD-20) for special instruction.

                     1501       Ship’s boat returned with party from USS HAMUL (AD-20)

12-20-43      0652       Underway for anti-submarine exercises with submarine R-7 (SS-84)

                     1000       Submarine R-7 (SS-84) submerged, conducting anti-submarine exercises.

                     1445       Secured from exercises having expended thirty-two (32) rounds of plaster loaded A/S

                                    projectiles, Mark IV, Mod. A (Hedgehog)

                     1556       Anchored in Murray’s Anchorage in eight (8) fathoms of water to sixty (60) fathoms of

                                    starboard chain

12-21-43      0701       Underway standing out to sea.

                     0735       Sea Buoy abeam to port.  Escorting with submarine R-16 (SS-93) to

                                    operating area for anti-submarine warfare exercises.

                     0810       Submarine submerged.

                     1332       All hands to Battle Stations.

                     1353       Submarine surfaced, concluding scheduled exercise.

                     1420       Secured from Battle Stations.

                     1645       Moored starboard side to USS EICHENBERGER (DE-202) at Buoy Easy-One,

                                    Great Sound Bay, Bermuda, BWI

12-22-43      0704       Underway standing down channel.

                     1009       Submarine R-16 (SS-93) submerged, commenced schedule exercises.

                     1300       Held sight setter drill, pointer and trainer drill and loading drill for 3”/50

                                    Caliber gun crews.  Damage Control Drill held by repair parties.

                     1330       Secured from drills.

                     1416       Submarine surfaced. Completed scheduled exercises.

                     1530       Entering the Narrows, Bermuda.  Note:  expended 24 rounds of plaster

                                    loaded A/S projectiles Mark IV, Mod. A (Hedgehog).

                     1717       Moored port side to USS EICHENBERGER (DE-202) at mooring buoy E-1

12-23-43      0920       Navy Fuel Barge HEBE moored alongside on starboard side.  Commenced

                                    taking on fuel.

                     1120       Fueling completed.  41,441 gallons taken on.

                     1500       USS EICHENBERGER (DE-202) unmoored from mooring buoy E-1. 

                                    USS UNDERHILL (DE-682) moored to mooring buoy E-1.  Moored port side to

                                    USS UNDERHILL (DE-682)

12-24-43      0702       Underway for anti-submarine exercises

                     0817       On order Commander Task Group 23.1, anchored in Murray’s Anchorage

                     0958       Underway standing into Great Sound

                     1118       Anchored in Great Sound Bay awaiting completion of preparations aboard

                                    USS UNDERHILL (DE-682) for receiving this vessel alongside.

                     1145       Underway to mooring

                     1151       Moored alongside USS UNDERHILL (DE-682) at Buoy E-1, Great Sound Bay

                     1510       Held flag hoist drill with USS CALCATTERA (DE-390)

                     1511       Tested depth charge hydraulic releasing mechanism, found to be in good working order.

                     1559       Secured from flag hoist drill.

12-25-43      0748       Underway for anti-submarine exercises

                     1100       Formed anti-submarine screen around USS MARAPOSIA  (Ed. – incorrect spelling,

                                    probably USS MATTAPONI (AO-41)

                     1310       All hands to Battle Stations.

                     1345       Secured from Battle Stations.

                     1450       Secured from screening exercise.

                     1744       Moored alongside USS EICHENBERGER (DE-202) at buoy E-1, Great

                                    Sound Bay, Bermuda, BWI

12-26-43      0652       Unmoored, underway with USS EICHENBERGER (DE-202 and

                                    USS UNDERHILL (DE-682) for anti-submarine exercises

         0917       Submarine R-6 (SS-83) submerged.

         0939       Commenced practice depth charge runs on submerged submarine

                     1400       Completed anti-submarine exercises.

                     1415       Submarine R-6 (SS-83) surfaced.

                     1654       Moored starboard side to USS UNDERHILL (DE-682) at mooring buoy E-1, Great Sound

                                    Bay, Bermuda, BWI

12-27-43      0639       Underway for scheduled torpedo exercises

                     1056       Changed base course in company with USS FALGOUT (DE-324)

                     1115       Commenced practice torpedo runs with USS FALGOUT (DE-324)

                     1345       Commenced firing torpedo run

                     1422       Fired port torpedo to starboard, USS FALGOUT (DE-324) target vessel.

                     1510       Recovered torpedo.

                     1515       Underway to rejoin formation.

                     1725       Forming scouting line of 9 vessels, USS DURANT (DE-389) guide

                     1815       Commenced radar tracking exercise.

                     1850       Completed radar tracking exercise.

12-28-43      0825       Changed course to conduct scheduled exercises with USS PRIDE (DE-323)

                     0847       Conducted passing mail at sea exercise.

                     0926       Visit and search party from USS PRIDE (DE-323) aboard

                     0930       Visit and search party, USS PRIDE (DE-323) departed

                     0942       Visit and search party, Lieutenant (jg) W.T. Door, III, in charge, departed for

                                    USS PRIDE (DE-323)

                     1010       Visit and search party returned, exercise completed.

                     1025       USS PRIDE (DE-323) alongside to pass towing hawser.

                     1030       Towing hawser made fast.  USS PRIDE (DE-323) commenced towing this vessel

                     1100       Cast off towing hawser, maneuvering to take USS PRIDE (DE-323) in tow.

                     1116       Passed towing hawser to USS PRIDE (DE-323), commenced towing exercise.

                     1145       Took towing hawser on board, completed towing exercise.

                     1727       Maneuvering in Great Sound with Torpedo Work Boat from USS HAMUL (AD-20)

                                    alongside. Exchanged Mark VIII, Mod. 3, torpedo expended   in exercise shot for a ready

                                    torpedo Mark VIII, Mod. 3.

                     1814       Moored to portside of USS EICHENBERGER (DE-202) at buoy E-1, Great Sound Bay,

                                    Bermuda, BWI

12-29-43      1910       Liberty party returned aboard.  HATCH and DOOR  reported aboard having boarded

                                    wrong liberty boat; unable to return to   their ship, USS FALGOUT (DE-324) due to

                                    heavy weather.

12-30-43      0652       Unmoored, underway for standing out to sea

                     1035       Commenced scheduled exercises; gunnery runs on target vessel.

                     2015       Commenced tracking exercise

                     2105       Completed tracking exercise.

12-31-43      0000       Steaming in formation, nine (9) ships in company.

                     1012       Commenced practice gunnery runs

                     1030       Held Commanding Officer’s inspection below decks.

                     1200       Preparing to make firing runs on target being towed by Navy Tug,

                                    USS CHOCTAW (AT-70)

                     1245       Called all 3”/50 gun crews to battle stations, commenced approach on target.

                     1302       Commenced firing all 3”/50 caliber guns.

                     1306       Ceased firing, expended 15 rounds of A.A. ammunition.  Maneuvering to

                                    make second run on target.

                     1545       Commenced firing all 3”/50 caliber guns.

                     1557       Ceased firing; expended 29 rounds of 3”/50 caliber A.A. ammunition.

                     1654       Commenced firing with number 2, 3”/50 caliber gun, all port 20MM guns

                                    and 40MM heavy machine guns.

                     1656       Ceased firing.

                     1708       Commenced firing.

                     1709       Ceased firing.

                     1722       Commenced firing

                     1723       Ceased firing all guns.  Expended 14 rounds of 3”/50 caliber A.A.

                                    ammunition, 48 rounds of 40MM service ammunition and 300 rounds

                                    of 20MM service ammunition.

                     1731       Commenced firing a high angle anti-aircraft practice.

                     1732       Ceased firing

                     1740       Commenced firing

                     1741       Ceased firing.  Expended 2 rounds of 3”/50 caliber A.A. ammunition, 24

                                    rounds of 40MM service ammunition and 240 rounds of 20MM

                                    service ammunition.

                     1800       Underway to conduct night firing exercises.

                     2002       Commenced firing 3”/50 caliber guns, illuminating target.

                     2006       Ceased firing.  Expended 15 rounds of 3”/50 caliber star shell ammunition.

                     2120       Commenced firing 3”/50 caliber guns

                     2127       Ceased firing.  Expended 15 rounds of 3”/50 caliber star shell ammunition

                                    and 15 rounds of 3”/50 caliber A.A. ammunition.

                     2246       Illuminated target with port searchlight and commenced firing gun number

                                    2, 3”/50 caliber.

2250              Ceased firing.  Expended 10 rounds of 3”/50 caliber A.A. ammunition.


                                    See 1944 deck logs for continuation