(UGS convoys = U.S. to Mediterranean)

(GUS convoys = Mediterranean to U.S.)

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Commissioning Houston Texas

11-29-43 to 12-8-43

Enroute Houston TX to Bermuda BWI via Key West FL

2-10-44 to 3-3-44

Escorting convoy UGS-33 to Gibraltar

3-7-44 to 3-23-44

Escorting convoy GUS-32 to Norfolk

4-12-44 to 5-3-44

Escorting convoy UGS-39 to Bizerte, Tunisia

5-11-44 to 5-30-44

Escorting convoy GUS-39 to New York

6-24-44 to 7-14-44

Escorting convoy UGS-46 to Bizerte, Tunisia

7-20-44 to 8-8-44

Escorting convoy GUS-46 to New York

9-2-44 to 9-22-44

Escorting convoy UGS-53 to Bizerte, Tunisia

9-27-44 to 10-17-44

Escorting convoy GUS-53 to New York

11-10-44 to 11-20-44

Escorting convoy UGS-60 to Azores

11-20-44 to 11-26-44

Escorting USS Kennebec AO-36 from UGS-60 to Bermuda BWI

12-6-44 to 12-11-44

Escorting convoy UGS-62 to Azores

12-12-44 to 12-21-44

Escorting convoy GUS-60 to New York

1-2-45 to 1-20-45

Escorting convoy UGS-66 to Oran, Algeria

1-27-45 to 2-14-45

Escorting convoy GUS-68 to Boston

3-3-45 to 3-19-45

Escorting convoy UGS-78 to Oran, Algeria

3-28-45 to 4-13-45

Escorting convoy GUS-80 to New York

5-2-45 to 5-19-45

Escorting convoy UGS-90 to Oran, Algeria

5-27-45 to 6-11-45

Escorting convoy GUS-92 to Boston

7-30-45 to 8-21-45

Enroute Cuba to Pearl Harbor

9-3-45 to 9-26-45

Enroute Pearl Harbor to New York

10-26-45 to 10-29-45

Enroute New York to Green Cove Springs, FL


Decommissioning Green Cove Springs, FL


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